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Chapter 530– Greetings, Chief Guard; What A Coincidence bit program
After seeing and hearing this, a nasty smile disclosed itself on Liu Jie’s encounter.
They ongoing taking walks toward the research where Evening Inclined Moon always remained.
However, Liu Jie suddenly obtained a thought. What happens if the stunning Superstar Website are living streamer was the Character Guards’ Main Shield?
This is simply a hopeless project.
“It had not been a coincidence. I created to appear here to hold back for you personally.
In the past, Liu Jie had only sighed at how Sparrow Speech Loli G.o.ddess’ performing tone of voice was so enjoyable that could sometimes be when compared with those of an avian fey.
Eventually, he only claimed respectfully, “Greetings, Chief Shield. Just what a coincidence.”
According to the Main Guard’s words and phrases, it seemed that he or she could remove the natal poison key through the Blade Princess Bee’s system and provides it for the Pest Princess.
Quite as Liu Jie viewed the black color-robed, dark colored-veiled Key Shield, she seemed to sense his gaze and turned her head to appearance toward him.
Even so, Liu Jie suddenly obtained a thought. Imagine if the beautiful Celebrity Web stay streamer was the Heart Guards’ Chief Secure?
He was like a sea food leaving behind water underneath a closing endless, starless nights that observed like it could be covered off from the almost endless nights, doomed to kitchen sink once and for all.
“Amongst the carcinoma feys kept in the Character Guards’ head office, there is actually one Blade Queen Bee.”
Just as Liu Jie looked over the black colored-robed, black color-veiled Chief Defend, she did actually good sense his gaze and transformed her head to look toward him.
Soon after comprehending the Pest Queen’s state, Night-time Inclined Moon claimed, “The Insect pest Queen only needs to take up a lot of Blade Princess Bee’s natal poison from its poison central so as to complete its mutation.”
Upon seeing and hearing the primary Defend speak about the Pest Queen, Liu Jie contemplated when he possessed sensed the Bug Queen’s state himself.
Regardless of the vast distance between them, Liu Jie still found the main Guard’s pitch-black colored vision the time she switched approximately.
Recently, Liu Jie possessed only sighed at how Sparrow Voice Loli G.o.ddess’ performing voice was so pleasurable could possibly sometimes be in comparison with that from an avian fey.
Having said that, he cast this idea aside the moment he thought about it.
After listening to this sound, he inexplicably idea of the appear that Chimey designed if this was phoning out.
The Gospels in the Second Century
It was simply a hopeless activity.
Now, as being the Insect pest Princess ended up being suspended in the mutation procedure for a long time, it was subsequently very likely that the ingested natal poison would invasion the Pest Queen’s physique.
Having said that, since there obtained not been enough poison within the natal poison core, the Pest Queen ended up being can not digest the quantity required to comprehensive its mutation.
Nonetheless, considering that the Chief Shield got required, Liu Jie did not keep back as he informed her in regards to the Pest Queen’s existing issue.
With seeing and hearing this, a bitter look uncovered itself on Liu Jie’s experience.
He without delay cast this idea aside the instant he put together it.
Liu Jie believed in their heart in regards to the absurdity in this idea. Could the effect from the mental poison inside the dimensional rift have messed together with his head?
Right then, Liu Jie stepped to the rope link and walked across it towards the other side.
This meant as he had been in a very coma soon after remaining spat out of your dimensional rift, the Chief Safeguard need to have been there to possess personally checked the Pest Queen’s situation.
Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita
If they are not to the Cinnabar Sugary Osmanthus rose mixture that Lin Yuan experienced offered him, it was subsequently most likely that Liu Jie would have woken up a couple of days down the road.
The more he walked, the greater amount of misgivings come up as part of his heart.
Given that the Chief Shield obtained pointed out the Blade Princess Bee’s natal poison, Liu Jie at last recognized precisely what the gray-haired, grey-eyed man had brought out at him on the dimensional rift.
As she spoke, Nights Leaning Moon was already resting on the workdesk in the analysis where she usually browse the top secret letters directed by her Defend Envoys.

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